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Your website gets one chance to make a first impression. Most visitors never become customers of small business websites. Why? They can tell within seconds whether or not they want to explore your site further, if they can even find it. And, more often than not, if they do find it, they don’t stay because the website is slow, boring or worse- frustrating. 

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And we haven’t even started talking about selling yet! 

First, you have to get people to visit your small business website. Then, we can start talking about converting them to customers. 

Pisgah Peaks Ventures helps small businesses in niche markets create custom websites which are good for customers, good for Google and good for sales. This is true whether visitors seek you out specifically or stumble across your site as organic traffic. One thing is certain though, that first impression can make or break your chance to convert visitors to customers.

To get visitors to your site, it takes well branded, keyword rich, website development. We will help your customers find you, and about 90% of the time, they use Google. 

Google likes websites that are well designed, easy to use, informative, engaging and popular. That’s because what appeals to website visitors is what Google wants to see. Those freemium website builders only give you one thing, a website. As far as being easy to use, engaging and popular, that’s on you. We can help.

Pisgah Peaks Ventures develops small business websites using WordPress for easier customer interaction. We can design your site for e commerce too, integrate it with the proper keyword-rich shopping experience which we develop with tools like Google Analytics, MOZ and SEMrush. And, ultimately, we can help you tie everything together with a customer digital marketing campaign using Active Campaign, Google My Business and more.

But first, your small business website has to be up and running right.  

You can develop your own website, but why? That’s not what you do. You do you and let Pisgah Peaks Ventures showcase that to the world through holistic website design. We can help your small business grow through integrated approaches, and it all starts with your website.

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Website Development

Website Refresh

  • Tired of your existing website? We can improve both the customer experience and the design of your website. We do our best work using WordPress as our CMS. If that is not how your website is managed currently, we can easily move the site.
  • We can create one of a kind web comprehensives that help your brand “wow” every visitor to your site.
  • Content improvements to the site could involve creating new, engaging content, improving old content, and optimizing the UX of each subpage on your website.
  • We feature lightning fast private hosting for all of our clients. We implement SSL and all standard security features for our clients.

Booking Solutions

  • Need to design a custom booking solution that can be flexible, yet consistent for your team and your clients’ growing/changing needs? 
  • We can design a custom solution that is lean (no monthly fees), but has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a costly monthly service! .
  • Check out this one we made for a multi-unit medical practice!

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