With CBD continuing to experience a giant upswing in trending interest among the general population, users are constantly challenged with an overabundance of CBD companies to choose from.

We sorted through the nearly endless CBD brands and found the five best CBD companies in various regions. Longleaf, NuuMe, Medical Mike’s, Gold CBD, and Elevated Trading offer compliant top-shelf quality CBD products at reasonable prices. Below, we highlight what makes each listed company great!

Let’s dive in and see what makes each CBD company distinct and worthy of recommendation to your friends and family.


Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Longleaf Provisions has a high-quality arsenal of typical hemp products like pet treats and tinctures. 

Longleaf also offers innovative products like Delta 8 and premium hemp flowers.

What makes Longleaf stand out from other reputable CBD companies is the third-party lab testing, as well as their unique Kush Hemp strain, among many other reasons.

Longleaf’s Kush Hemp has the same tantalizing aroma as the classic Kush cannabis strains but without the psychotropic effects of THC.

Putting quality and safety before sales, you will find a list of third-party lab test results showing just how pure their hemp products are in their testing portal.

Another stand-out reason to choose Longleaf is their commitment to full transparency throughout the manufacturing process. 

Not only do they meet and exceed expectations in third-party lab testing for their products and flower, Longleaf is also involved with the Caroline Hemp Tours.

Caroline Hemp Tours offers a unique experience of what hemp production is like behind the scenes.

Customers rave about the quality of Longleaf CBD products, knowledgeable and caring staff, as well as their excellent pricing.

While promoting agricultural sustainability, the Longleaf Pro staff use new-school technology and old-school values to create and distribute premium CBD products.

Longleaf’s variety of CBD-rich hemp flowers is beyond impressive with just under a dozen strains to choose from, Longleaf has options for every herb-enthusiast for every situation.


NuuMe Organics was founded with unmatched efficacy, top shelf quality, and incomparable price-points. 

The founders began with a vision of wanting a high-quality product at a price point between 20% and 60% below the average CBD products currently available on the marketplace.

Setting the bar above the rest, NuuMe’s focus is on health and healing without the high. 

Both founders have seen first-hand how therapeutically beneficial a premium cannabinoid product can be, when created correctly.

The difference between other CBD companies and NuuMe is that they put people first. 

Those with lower-income, long-term disabilities, and veterans have access to a CBD assistance program

When accepted into the program, you qualify for a 60% discount on all of NuuMe’s premium CBD products.

NuuMe’s farm-to-bottle approach goes above and beyond with their quality approach and ongoing compassionate outreach.

Not only are NuuMe’s CBD products USDA organic certified, but their unique cold-processing extraction method sets the bar high for other CBD companies coming out of Colorado.

Third-party lab testing results tell the whole story on what exactly makes for a consistent quality product.

The verdict? NuuMe is the best CBD brand for 2020

Their unmatched cannabinoid potency was put up against top contenders in the US CBD space, and NuuMe knocked it out of the park.

NuuMe Organics puts ‘people before profits’- as their official motto and it clearly shows. 

The quality of hemp, the extraction process, and the transparency of NuuMe are hard to beat.

Medical Mike’s

Even before Medical Mike’s Hemp entered into the hemp rat-race, Mike was driven to make people feel better. 

With a mind for finance and a heart in the CBD/cannabis space, Mike left his Wall Street dream to enter the wild west of CBD.

Medical Mike’s was founded with people in mind first and foremost.

What set’s Medical Mike’s company apart from the rest is persistence, education, and premium CBD at a reasonable rate. Not to mention, Mike’s 2000mg CBG oil is a game-changer.

Watching the market flooding with fake and (potentially harmful CBD products) that had astronomical price tags, Medical Mike’s dove into the scene, ready to get high-quality CBD products to market that people (and pets) would be happy to consume.

Mike’s personal experience with CBD stemmed from the love of his dog, Torre. 

He watched how CBD allowed his fur-baby to live without feeling normally and sleep through the night without the use of synthetics.

When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, Medical Mike’s searched high and low for a quality hemp supply that was up to his high standards. 

It wasn’t easy, but Mike eventually teamed up with sustainable and high quality hemp farmers in New York and Vermont and has been producing quality CBD products ever since.

Gold Standard CBD

Gold Standard CBD is inspiring, educating, and motivating an entire generation. Their motto Be your higher self — without the high — encompasses the values of their company in its entirety.

All of the Gold Standard CBD’s cannabinoid-rich flowers and products are compliant with the Farm Bill Act of 2018.

What makes Gold Standard CBD the “gold standard” of CBD is being the first to market with one-of-a-kind hemp cigarettes Hemp Stix. 

Not a fan of inhaling hemp flower? 

That’s fine. Gold Standard CBD’s broad-spectrum CBD-rich Honey Stix has 15mg/CBD per stick and is the perfect addition to tea time.

Gold Standard CBD is continuing to disrupt the game when it comes to THC-free flower. With strains like Sour Space Candy and Cherry Abacus, you get all the therapeutic benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids without the psychoactivity.

The Gold Standard CBD team understands the benefits of cannabinoid-rich products that don’t produce psychoactive effects.

Other quality non THC products offered by Gold Standard CBD is the White CBG that’s a THC-free cannabinoid-rich flower boasting over 13% CBG. 

Why is that so impressive? CBG is considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” and is one of the most useful cannabinoids gaining popularity for all its useful applications.

The founders of Gold Standard CBD are not messing around. Their team of 20 continuously work non-stop to bring innovative cannabis products to market as fast as reasonably achievable.

Elevated Trading

Elevated Trading is a B2B company delivering on its brand promise of “High Value, Fair Price”. 

Elevated Trading focuses on delivering value beyond the transaction with products such as wholesale hemp flower, bulk manufacturing concentrates (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.), delta 8 products and the Elevated Essentials all-in-one starter kit for those new to smoking hemp.  

Now distributing to retailers and manufacturers across the US — visit their website to request pricing and view their extensive line of premium wholesale hemp products.

Their quality, sun-grown hemp begins its journey planted from seed in the Rogue Valley Of Southern Oregon.

From seed to shelf, Elevated Trading is committed to superior quality and third-party testing at every phase of the production process. 

Through strong focus on compliance with state and federal laws, Elevated Trading is able to provide a continuous supply of verified, quality hemp products to American businesses.

The team at Elevated Trading’s commitment to quality and reliability allows orders to ship within 24-48 hours of receiving payment.

Standing by their commitment, Elevated Trading offers a significant satisfaction guarantee, and will quickly fix any order that doesn’t meet and exceed your expectations.