Pisgah Peaks 

“Wowing” potential customers happens from the first impression, and more often than not, that first impression is your website. If visitors don’t find what they want in the first few moments, chances are you’re costing yourself valuable conversions. 

Leaving a lasting impact with your customer means you are less likely to be forgotten down the road. Now, more than ever, creating a winning website, which is critical to small business success, means an easy to use design and unique, engaging content. 

Unfortunately, many small businesses think you can use freemium website builders like Wix or Squarespace and have a killer website that is engaging and easy to use. Not so! The construct might be there for no coding, but that doesn’t mean clear usability or good content. Those things still come from people.

So, most freemium (free to a point, then you have to pay for extras) website builders create uninspired or muddled representation of your brand! Why? Chances are, you are not a website builder. We are

Want proof? Check out our brand new website, www.pisgahpeaksventures.com. We used our fabulous designer, Linsey Grey, to do a web comprehensive (comps). Yeah, I know. I wasn’t familiar with this process either, that is up until last year. But, it’s the key to transforming a standard website into a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

Comps are critical because they are created by experts in design and usability. They also allow us to partner with you, getting your feedback, to determine the best possible layout of your site. Pisgah Peaks developed a partnership with local Asheville designer, Linsey Gray Creative. According to Linsey, “(many clients) don’t know I offer web comprehensives, or “Site Plans” as I like to call them? For complex websites that need the added attention and expertise of a web developer, I provide detailed mockups of each web page (desktop + mobile), along with specific styling guidelines that ensure every element throughout the site is on-brand. This not only ensures consistent brand representation, but can also relieve some of the workload from the developers by establishing the visual layout of the interface and ironing out details like button styling, fonts, colors and imagery for them.”

Understanding the processes of web comps and site design ensures small business owners that they end up with a quality product that will turn visitors into repeat users, and ultimately convert them to customers. Of course, that also means a good design needs to be filled with good content. Together, these elements deeply affect your search engine optimization (SEO). 

I always tell a client that their website is their virtual storefront. Think about the coolest brick and mortar store you know- chances are, it wasn’t created from a template. But, even if it was, that’s not what made it memorable. What made it worthy or returning was what was their content. 

Most store owners would not choose a template design for their brick and mortar location, so why has it become so common for their digital storefront? There are many reasons, but the greatest is probably that you are not a web designer or content creator. We are.

For more information about creating a unique space that’s easy to use AND truly reflects your company’s brand through its content, contact us to set up a free consultation.