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The Longleaf Provisions brand means exceptionally high quality. Our exacting standards from seed to shelf ensure our CBD edibles, topicals, tinctures and smokable hemp flower are among the best in North Carolina.


The standard for a sustainable future. Manifesting a better future for our earth with cleverly-designed essentials made from 100% recycled materials.


The PurePower Manifesto we believe that all of us have a fire deep within, and that igniting that fire is the key to fulfilling our potential and living life FULL OUT. We also believe that optimal health is the key to igniting your inner fire, and that gifts from Mother Nature can uniquely help us to do so.


Lucy J’s Pre Rolls are made with 100% premium hemp flower creating a smoother smoke for a smoother day. It’s our mission to provide people with convenient access to high-quality hemp to help them lift their mood, spirit and mindset.


MicroShield 360 °
An EPA registered and FDA approved coating system that PREVENTS pathogens from living on any treated surface. The system drastically reduces crosscontamination while also preventing mold and odors from ever forming. In all, MicroShield 360 prevents 90+ pathogens from living on surface.

Gyms Shop

A Customized Gym Experience By Professional Athletes
Gyms was founded by former NFL professional athlete Jesse Nicassio. Jesse created Juke Gyms to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts a way to stay fit and healthy, no matter their situation.

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