Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for small business is a complex spectrum of components. There are endless possibilities for brands to capture a market, including geofencing, over-the-top advertising, display advertising, directories, blogs, email, video, social media, LinkedIN automations, Google My Business management, podcasts and/or website-based marketing opportunities… 

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… big breath! Yes, the list keeps going AND growing.

So, which digital marketing approach is the right solution for your small business?

The most important thing your small business can do is have a strategic digital marketing plan in place. We can help. Whether you need to market within a specific boundary or a global e commerce portal, Pisgah Peaks Ventures helps small businesses determine best approaches to connect with, and grow, audiences, ultimately converting them to customers.

Engaging online has never been more critical to small business success. But, reaching your existing and potential audiences through digital marketing solutions means tailoring an approach to your business. 

Pisgah Peaks Ventures helps niche market small businesses create customized, focused approaches to capture an audience. We are a holistic digital marketing agency too, meaning we can grow your company in other ways too, tied in to your digital marketing campaign.

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PPC Campaign Management

  • Build ad campaigns using Google Adwords, Bing, LinkedIN, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Provide systemic reporting to refine approach
  • A/B Testing

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

  • Let us leverage our entire team for your start-up or small business. Harness the power of a professional marketing team, for a fraction of the cost. We can provide invaluable advice/work that saves you priceless hours! Most importantly, by off loading some of the tasks that entrepreneurs tend to absorb, you’re freed up to focus on the things that ONLY you can do!
  • We work well with other vendors or pre established relationships you may have. We do not have to come in and “do everything” for your marketing team. We are happy to examine your needs and provide custom solutions that are both lean and efficient.

Digital Advertising

  • Geofencing-Let us target your potential customer based on their GPS and traffic (Very 1984, we know!)
  • OTT-(Over-the-top) Marketing is a newer trend of marketing that focuses on ads delivered to potential clients while they’re streaming content via Netflix or Hulu. 
  •  Display Ads are text or video ads that occupy various spaces (much like a newspaper ad!) on websites across a variety of segments. This allows you to tailor your message to a specific audience, thus increasing the relevancy to your customers.  
  •  Retargeting allows you to re engage customers who have visited your site, left a product in their online shopping cart, etc. through a variety of digital methods.  
  •  Facebook Advertising 

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