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Google likes good content. And, do you know why? Because your small business website visitors WANT good content. So, they look for it more. 

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Analytics agree. Good content drives good search engine results, which drive good traffic.

5 consumer trends shaping digital content (source

  1. Consumers engage with digital content more than ¼ of the day. 
  2. Consumers have little patience for poor experience
  3. Emerging tech media consumption is on the rise (‘podcast,’ ranking #1 currently)
  4. Brands must deliver personalized content while respecting their privacy
  5. Most consumers still trust social media (#1 way to drive traffic to your site)

Engaging your audience consistently with good content, relevant to them, is how you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP). But, what is good content?

Well, it all starts with the simple, well-written word. An easy-to-read website, blog or article affects multiple metrics on Google Analytics. From bounce rate to time on page and ultimately to conversions, good content starts with good words. 

Of course, words also affect every other type of content from advertising to email, podcasts to video. So, having professionally trained writers, as does Pisgah Peaks Ventures, is critical for keyword-rich storytelling, no matter the medium. 

From pure prose like thought pieces, blogs and articles; and engaging visuals like video, photo, and infographics; to audience-capturing audio podcasts; words help prepare, report and engage all types of media; delivering specific, relevant messages to targeted audiences.

The best part, with all the different types of media content, content appeals to the most important human organ, the brain. If it’s impressive, that brain will remember to visit your site again, maybe buy something or even tell a friend about something cool about your site. 

The metrics gleaned from Google Analytics are clear. Good content is what visitors want. It’s what converts visitors to customers. Content is key to all aspects of digital marketing. And Pisgah Peaks Ventures offers a holistic digital marketing approach, from website design to e commerce development to content creation to search engine optimization.

Good content is key to good everything else.

Website Copy

  • We have in-house, professional writers craft unique, engaging content that will not only tell your brand’s story, but it will play nice with Google/Bing.
  • H1 Tags and Meta Descriptions are priceless chances to grab a potential customer, let our team review your copy and see where we can make tweaks to drive up your conversion rate.

Content Marketing

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Videography
  • Social Media Content

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