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Brandon Bobart



Brandon Bobart, founder of Pisgah Peaks Ventures, spent the past decade helping businesses and teams grow through digital solution. But his real inspiration lies more at home.

“I am husband to my beautiful wife, father to a beautiful child, and owned by a wonderful dog!”

And Brandon knows about ownership too. As a co-owner of the successful CBD company, Franny’s Farmacy Franchising, he helped develop a franchise program, from a successful brick-and-mortar concept into a thriving, multi-state franchise company.

Brandon got his start in the CBD industry through marketing. He designed successful email campaigns for small businesses and learned how to improve outreach.

But even before that, Brandon always had a keen sense of trending industries. He developed websites during the heyday of craft breweries in Charleston, SC. He created B2C social media content successful SaaS products and dove deep into keyword research for local law firms.

Brandon’s diverse skill set in technical languages and applications started in education. He holds a Bachelor’s in English and Communication and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. His love of knowledge and critical skills training transfers to fulfilling the needs of his small business clients.

Brandon uses that diverse knowledge to help small businesses improve everything; from overall operations to multi-stage marketing campaigns. Brandon’s diverse skill set includes organizing and managing a diverse team to meet the needs of select organizations.

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